Hi i’m too lazy to continue my Hanoi Trip post so i’m just gonna skip it first LOL.

Just an update!

My graduation ceremony is on this Friday!! YAY.

You know you can never be to sure if you’re really graduating until the certificate is in your hands HAHA.

Anyway here are some of the balloon decorations that I’ve done over the past few months (those nicer ones LOL)


Baby Luke star themed Arch


Columns (:


Green white spiral arch & columns done with Chinbee and Verna!
(for ThatBalloons)


Rainbow Arch for Jingxuan’s Graduation Party
(for Friend)


2 Spiral Rainbow Arches done with Chinbee!
(for ThatBalloons)



Rainbow/Sheep themed Arch with Chinbee!
(for ThatBalloons)


Teddy Bear Arch!
(for ThatBalloons)



Icecream Columns done with Kaden!
(for ThatBalloons)


Wedding Couple Columns (:
(for ArtsyBalloons)


Mother’s Day themed Backdrop done with
Kaden, Rudy and Zhongyao (i think LOL)
(for ThatBalloons)


Flower Centrepiece (:
(for ThatBalloons)


Sheep themed Backdrop with Chinbee!
(for PartyParlour)


Centrepieces of Anna and Elsa from Frozen!
(for PartyParlour)


Customised Backdrop for Leonard
(for ThatBalloons)


Garden themed Backdrop with Chinbee
(for ThatBalloons)

Yea and that’s basically it!

Most of the events I took up are sculpting events, such as birthday parties, shopping mall events or Dinner and Dance. Since balloon sculpting is charged at an hourly basis, I usually do not have the time to take photographs (unless there are not much people/kids around or when I decided to bring an assistant to the event).

Haha I still do have some photographs taken during my sculpting events and would probably post them up at my next balloon post.

Till then~ BYE.


kua simi kua?!


Short B A L L O O N update

So its the holidays (as mentioned previously)!

And holidays meant money BECAUSE THERE’S NO SCHOOL AND I GET TO GO FOR EVENTS YAY (and money will come in la).

Spent quite a lot last semester due to the course specialisation track i was in zzz. I think i spent more than $200 for the project works lor (luckily can claim most of it BUT HAVEN’T CLAIM YET).

So back to topic, went to quite a few events last few weeks!

Mostly are for Balloon Sculpting (hourly basis) so no time to take photographs ah. Ahahha.

Here’s a Blue and White Balloon Arch for a kid’s birthday party! Did it with help from Timothy.



Oh I did several Princess Centerpieces for different events!

-Here’s one for the National Library Board-



And was trying out on some superheroes twisting on a random day.

Spiderman, Hulk and a whale (wtf LOL)

Learnt the Superheroes Balloon Twisting from a guy called MrBomas on youtube! I used a 5inch/12inch round for the head though cus i didn’t really like the loop twist for a head.

Whale design was  by Ms Lily Tan (Copied from her instagram photo LOL)

PS: Please ignore all the weird stuff on the floor such as my very wonderful foot, a purple  hairdryer and the random receipt LOL






And lastly, did a simple photo backdrop at Alicia’s house for Acacia’s first month.



And here’s a solo shot of me HOLDING ACACIA.

I was … erm kinda frightened to hold Acacia cus i’ve never held a baby before. AND I WAS FREAKING OUT LA. But the feeling was kinda nice. Like a small little warm thingy sleeping on my arms hahaa.

Maybe one day I’ll learn not to be afraid of babies. 



Ok I know it’s a stupid title ahahha.

Went for an overnight stay at Coasta Sands Resort @ Sentosa with some of the CCA mates!


Met up with Guoen, Theodora and Sinyin at Vivo first to buy some of the BBQ materials on the second day. Supposedly meet at 1pm but… erm ‘someone’ late for one hour la ah. So I thought they would buy the stuff first and I’ll just help them carry over to Sentosa. In the end they waited for me till 2pm to buy the materials LOL. Guilty much.

We only bought drinks, cup noodles and some BBQ stuff like tongs and aluminium foil (lol so little) cus they said that the fridge could not fit the BBQ food haha (and 4 people cannot so many things ah somemore we have charcoal also). So we leftttttt and off we went to Sentosa!

We walked to Sentosa cus of the freaking expensive train ticket (wtf $4 just to enter go die pls) and took the train from inside Sentosa which would just cost us $1. *Only needa pay $1 for entering Sentosa, taking train from inside FREE ONE 😉 *

We actually took about 1.5 hours to reach the resort cus it was soooooo far inside and it was damn secluded.

Yup so we unpacked everything and started to play games LOL. Played mini mahjong and dice while waiting for Sihui, Huierm and Jiarong to come (with our dinner)!

So finally they came (at like 9pm ohgod) and we ate la duh.

Then we played mahjong and dice again AND i guess we were making a lot of noise until the guard came knocking on our door.


Apparently the walls are not soundproof. What the fuck! People go there and have fun one your walls not soundproof. Imagine some couples book your room and have sex or sth and their neighbours can hear them clearly. What shit man. Oh and also one room only can have maximum 4 people staying overnight. The rest are considered ‘guests’ and must leave the premises by 11pm. What the fuck man so when the guard came knocking we asked those unregistered ones to hide in the toilet lo. LOL like some illegal immigrant. Ya so basically we were all damn upset about this cus i dont think there were such rules over at Downtown East.

So we had to play quietly for the rest of the night hahahah.

IMG_0668 IMG_0667

Sinyin, ME, Daryl, Guoen, Theodora WHILE PLAYING DICE


So after playing for the whole night, we went to Mac and had breakfast!

Ya then went back, slack for awhile and went to Vivo to buy the BBQ food!

This time we smart already, we took the free shuttle service from Coasta Sands to Vivo and the same way back.


Bus ride selfie w/ Sihui and Theodora!

Prepare prepare mahjong mahjong and before we knew it, it’s time to BBQ~

Oh and it’s the first time I BBQ as in, do the charcoal fire stuff and cooking the thingy (usually is people serve me one ah LOL). And well i learnt a lot of stuff from Huierm HAHA.


And our charcoal kinda suck. They were all broken into small pieces so our fire keep running out. Luckily the people using the pit beside us finished BBQing already and we asked them for their charcoal LOL.

IMG_0665 IMG_0664

Ok i think i look terrible (jk i look awesome as always).

So yaaaaaaaaaaa i went home after the BBQ after slacking around which was around 2am while the rest went to watch a movie or something. Too tired to join ah and i kinda miss my bed (and donkey).

ok it’s 3:47am now and i have to get up early for some CCA stuff so BYE.

NDP 2014 // Birthday Celebration

So my sister gave me a pair of tickets for National Day Parade 2014 and it’s on the actual day itself!

Yea so went to the Floating Platform with Brandon (cus we going to a party afterwards) and watched the show.

Oh and before we actually entered the platform, there was a security check at the entrance area, after we gave them the tickets. And Brandon actually brought alcohol (present for the Gary later on) in and we were stopped LOL. Apparently cannot bring alcohol in ._.”

Does everyone knows about this? LOL is it common sense? No right ‘cus both of us were quite shocked HAHAH. So bobian have to leave it there at their storage and collect it back after the show ended. ahahhaha.

I think there was a performance or some activities at 4pm-6pm before the parade started but yknow, we were too lazy to meet early la ah. In the end we reached the platform at 6pm and most of the seats were already taken LOL.

We were seated at the Green Sector and we sat at the most left because … Well because there were no other choice lmao. Got our goodie bags before going in and hmmmm, kinda explored it before the parade started. Quite a lot of stuff ley.

Got bread got biscuits got drinks also!!

Yup and during the show, met up with Edwin cus his younger brother was involved in the parade! If im not wrong he was with the band.


The fireworks were just amazing. o_o







Yup so after the show ended, we went to collect the alcohol lmao. Went Mac to dapao some food for the people there and OFF WE WENT TO MBS!

It was a birthday celebration for Gary and the celebration was brought forward cus his birthday falls on a weekday (and everyone has school ok).

Gary booked a room in MBS hotel and wtf it looks damn classy lor. Anyway we had a lot of fun there ah, met up with Purples and got to know some of Gary’s classmates. Played drinking game and WA I THINK MY ALCOHOL TOLERANCE NOT BAD LEY. AHHAHA.


Purple’s group shot! 😀


I was posing with the bin cus it’s damn atas but this drunk idiot just popped in right beside me argh,



Selfie with Nelly while everyone taking photos. LOL we found a box of black spects beside the TV. Like who the hell put those there?! Aiya nvm la just use lor wahahahahhaha. 

So anyway hope that Gary had a fun time that night/morning cus really a lot of crazy things happened LOL.


So Brandon, Nelly and I left at 6am while most of the people were still there cus aiya i tired ah and i have to rush my storybook for Little Leaves Exhibition 2014 (which i posted previously LOL paiseh the timeline for this blog abit messy).

Yep bye!

Sup – Little Leaves Exhibition 2014

So after projects and meetings and assignments, i’m finally back after 4 months! Yay!

So the reason why i neglected this blog was because… aiya cause i lazy lor.

Anyway, had our Little Leaves exhibition a week ago.

Little Leaves 2014 is an exhibition done by our year 2s and year 3s CPEE students. The year 2 students displayed their Art module project while the year 3 students displayed their original fiction books for young children!

As a year 3 student, I realised that the journey to write, illustrate and publish a book is … DAMN TEDIOUS. I had encountered –

many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many

problems especially at the binding part.

Argh shall not elaborate on it.

The exhibition itself was relatively boring lmao.

Other than displaying our book, we had our final assignment on a drama module during the exhibition. My drama group was on the second day and… hmm, I did not feel nervous for the skit ah, but i think everything think that i was damn nervous ‘cus my hands were shaking LOL. :/

Anyway, here are some photographs during our exhibition!







3T01! Pioneer batch of the Early Literacy Specialisation Track 😀



I think my expression here quite epic lol “OHHHMAIGAD IT’S A PENK GEETAH”


Kena bullied part 1


Kena bullied part 2 😦


I think this shot damn artistic. Must be because of me la ah *hair flip*



Meh ^



9th August.

On the 9th of August, Singapore celebrated her 48th birthday.

At the same time, it marked the end of my NDP journey as a motivator.

It was fun and enjoyable, and i met a lot of great people along the way!

Made many friends and acquaintances, and got a lot of freebies. LOL.

I wasn’t feeling that sad on the night 9th of August. I was feeling neutral i guess?

But it was on the very next morning that i realised we’re not going to have anymore rehearsals together, us QT 3.142s.


Anyway, our QT 3.142 mentor was Jiamei and our TLs were Esther and Jackie. And there were the rest of us – Cindy, Frank, Joanna, Klement, Kaiwen, WeiQi, Sooche, Enqi, Kendrick and me! Esther is the only person that i know on the first training! ._.

Every rehearsal was fun for me, although the first few weeks were like, wtf cus i live in BukitPanjang and the training place was at ITE Simei. Took quite a lot of discipline for me to wake up early and travel 2 hours there! But i’m glad i ‘survived’ those rehearsals.

Also it was the first few weeks when we had to learn the dance steps for NDP. And it was challenging for me. Like seriously really difficult for me because i couldn’t coordinate my arms and legs properly. And i had no idea what i was doing most of the time. It was just, do and forget. And my body is those, stiff stiff kind, and i had no dancing background AT ALL. So basically during the dance practices i was just stoning there. And the only time we were able to practice those dance was during the rehearsals as there wasn’t any tutorial videos to follow to practice at home. So feedback-ed abit and they decided to put the tutorials online and i managed to learn the dance steps! Muahahha super proud LOL.

And there were balloon sculpting also! Learned some cool 1-balloon sculptures from Jackie, like the monkey and rabbit! Haha, quite cute also! And also during the breaks while we were playing with the balloons i managed to make the flower rings, which were basically flower bracelets, just that the bubbles are much smaller. Hahahha!

Oh and the food. Lunch and dinner (and supper) were provided! For lunch, every week, we had bento, which sucked. LOL. But sometimes, especially near the actual day, dinner was either KFC or Pizza! Muahahha fatfat but still, free food ohyeah. And we had Old Chang Kee and icecream and soyabean and milo and fruit juice to take! Woahhh machiam heaven *.*

Didn’t know what else to say since i think those fun rehearsals i’ve posted before, so im gonna post the pictures!

*Got from facebook and not in any order*



IMG_9378 IMG_9380 IMG_9381 IMG_9382 IMG_9383 IMG_9379

And our very photogenic mentor – Jiamei HAHAHHA. IMG_9223 IMG_9220 IMG_9222


QT 3.142 !