Hi i’m too lazy to continue my Hanoi Trip post so i’m just gonna skip it first LOL.

Just an update!

My graduation ceremony is on this Friday!! YAY.

You know you can never be to sure if you’re really graduating until the certificate is in your hands HAHA.

Anyway here are some of the balloon decorations that I’ve done over the past few months (those nicer ones LOL)


Baby Luke star themed Arch


Columns (:


Green white spiral arch & columns done with Chinbee and Verna!
(for ThatBalloons)


Rainbow Arch for Jingxuan’s Graduation Party
(for Friend)


2 Spiral Rainbow Arches done with Chinbee!
(for ThatBalloons)



Rainbow/Sheep themed Arch with Chinbee!
(for ThatBalloons)


Teddy Bear Arch!
(for ThatBalloons)



Icecream Columns done with Kaden!
(for ThatBalloons)


Wedding Couple Columns (:
(for ArtsyBalloons)


Mother’s Day themed Backdrop done with
Kaden, Rudy and Zhongyao (i think LOL)
(for ThatBalloons)


Flower Centrepiece (:
(for ThatBalloons)


Sheep themed Backdrop with Chinbee!
(for PartyParlour)


Centrepieces of Anna and Elsa from Frozen!
(for PartyParlour)


Customised Backdrop for Leonard
(for ThatBalloons)


Garden themed Backdrop with Chinbee
(for ThatBalloons)

Yea and that’s basically it!

Most of the events I took up are sculpting events, such as birthday parties, shopping mall events or Dinner and Dance. Since balloon sculpting is charged at an hourly basis, I usually do not have the time to take photographs (unless there are not much people/kids around or when I decided to bring an assistant to the event).

Haha I still do have some photographs taken during my sculpting events and would probably post them up at my next balloon post.

Till then~ BYE.


kua simi kua?!



Having school holidays now! And they’re occupied by my attachment to a childcare centre -.-

To be honest i really hate this arrangement. Why the heck am i having this attachment during MY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.

I mean, school holidays are for us to rest, relax, have fun, get ready for the next semester, and maybe get a job for more money right.

But no, every week, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm, i’ll be at a childcare centre assisting the teacher or doing my assignments. AND I DONT GET PAID, NOT EVEN A LITTLE.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not hating on the fact that we have attachements, but why must it be during our holidays.

Why can’t it be like ECH, where they having attachment for 1 day every week during school hours.

Ok so enough of the ranting about this arrangement.

I think i’m quite lucky to be assigned to this K2 class for this attachment! I have the coolest host teacher ever. She’s always helping me on my work and also when i’m implementing classes. πŸ˜€ The head teacher, my centre mentor, is damn helpful also. She has all this creative ideas and suggestions that made my lesson plans more interesting! Really thankful for them.

The children in the class are also damn cute, i swear.

There’s this boy in my class THAT I LIKE A LOT HAHAHA. Like really, i want a toddler brother like him! He’s damn cute like, during Music and Movement classes in the Music Room, he’ll be there posing in front of the mirror and making weird faces. Hahahhaha. Always in his own world. And he’s damn nice to his friends also. Also the girls in my class are really pretty. I think they’ll grow up to be models ahahhaha.

Oh and in my class, there’s this pair of twins. They’re quite challenging to handle, to be honest. You just can’t hate on them although in some situations i really feel like strangling them lol. But other times they’re respectful and i can say that they’re the jokers of the class, together with another boy. Lol that boy is always getting in trouble. But also, i just can’t hate on him. His face is just too innocent la ah hahaha.

And there’s this girl in my class who’s the ‘big sister’. She’s damn ‘teacher’ i tell you. There was this time when the teachers had to go to some other room to take a group picture with the MP and i was left alone with the whole of K2 class. And it was only my first week with them! They were super noisy and my plan to read a storybook to them failed terribly hahahha. So when i really felt like packing up my stuff and migrate to some other country, this girl came up to me and TAUGHT ME HOW TO QUIETEN THEM DOWN. AND IT WORKED. I was freaking speechless and grateful to her. Hahahahha.

Also, last week, i had my first implementation! Implemented a Math lesson and selected 8 children to help me with it! And during this implementation, my field practicum mentor came down to observe me lol. I was damn worried and scared at first but i’m very glad that the children are quite well-behaved. However, i was quite surprised as the children are too smart for my math kit. LOL. Luckily i managed to solve the problem and thought of an activity on the spot to challenge them more, though it’s quite lame LOL.

Anyway, here are some pictures of during my lesson (children’s faces are covered cus im not allowed to reveal their faces on media platforms, TOO BAD FOR YOU they’re so cute and you guys wont be able see them ahahahha).


Recapping on some of the stuff taught by my host teacher as an opening activity



Playing with my the Math Kit i made!Β 



Going around checking on their progress! Hahah. They’re too smart for my kit – i UNDERESTIMATED THEM.Β 

So i still have about 1 and a half weeks before my attachment is over. I’m quite confused right now cus i really want my attachment to end cus seriously, i hate wearing jeans/long pants everyday to the centre. SINGAPORE IS SO DAMN WARM YKNOW. Also i want my holidays, even though there are only like 2 weeks left? -_-” But at the same time, i will really miss my k2 class. 😦

Anyway did this balloon girl awhile back.


Ya i know the eyes so super fierce LOL just trying out on different types of eyes. And in this picture it looks like she’s strangling the poor dog lol.

Anyway i really like the hair i did for her in this picture. I think it looks really nice HAHA.

Anyway the very next morning i went to burst this balloon because she’s too scary to be in my bedroom lol. ._.


I miss schoolΒ 
I miss my friends
I miss talking to people.