Short B A L L O O N update

So its the holidays (as mentioned previously)!

And holidays meant money BECAUSE THERE’S NO SCHOOL AND I GET TO GO FOR EVENTS YAY (and money will come in la).

Spent quite a lot last semester due to the course specialisation track i was in zzz. I think i spent more than $200 for the project works lor (luckily can claim most of it BUT HAVEN’T CLAIM YET).

So back to topic, went to quite a few events last few weeks!

Mostly are for Balloon Sculpting (hourly basis) so no time to take photographs ah. Ahahha.

Here’s a Blue and White Balloon Arch for a kid’s birthday party! Did it with help from Timothy.



Oh I did several Princess Centerpieces for different events!

-Here’s one for the National Library Board-



And was trying out on some superheroes twisting on a random day.

Spiderman, Hulk and a whale (wtf LOL)

Learnt the Superheroes Balloon Twisting from a guy called MrBomas on youtube! I used a 5inch/12inch round for the head though cus i didn’t really like the loop twist for a head.

Whale design was  by Ms Lily Tan (Copied from her instagram photo LOL)

PS: Please ignore all the weird stuff on the floor such as my very wonderful foot, a purple  hairdryer and the random receipt LOL






And lastly, did a simple photo backdrop at Alicia’s house for Acacia’s first month.



And here’s a solo shot of me HOLDING ACACIA.

I was … erm kinda frightened to hold Acacia cus i’ve never held a baby before. AND I WAS FREAKING OUT LA. But the feeling was kinda nice. Like a small little warm thingy sleeping on my arms hahaa.

Maybe one day I’ll learn not to be afraid of babies. 



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